Dr. de Hart's  Online Classroom



Welcome to Dr. de Hart's high school webpage. The following pages are strictly dedicated to my work with parents, students, and colleagues in secondary education. Students and parents will find assignments, reviews, study guides, important dates, and links. I have also included a link to clubs that I serve as an advisor, background about my qualifications, and a short summary of some of the books that I have written.

While I am a firm believer in using technology in and out of the classroom, I am, after all, as an Oxford Univ. educated Ph.D. scholar,  a firm believer and old fashioned educational philosopher embracing the value of holding a book, research in libraries, critical thinking, and appreciating the learning of the great minds of the past. In a world overconfident in standardized testing and bubble tests, I believe there is a tremendous and immediate need to recover the past (aka, renaissance) and pass it along in a modern way. Welcome to my old-fashioned modern world of education. 

PLEASE continually check in with the school associated grading program (Infinite Campus) and Google Classroom where the majority of the assignments will be posted and graded in the first instance. Should the school year be moved to a modified or at home learning environment, it is CRITICAL that parents AND students realize that assignments must be turned in according to the instructions, ON TIME, and without plagiarism or excuses. Make up work is allowed 1 day after an excused absence. The Spring semester always proves to be a learning curve for seniors; previously excellent students fall behind, receive lower grades, and risk not graduating (failing) the class. In a changing world the rule of adaptation is critical for success and survival. NOTE: if a student is lacking a computer or internet access, it is your responsibility to contact the school Administration immediately in order to make sure your child(ren) have access at all times! Please notify Dr. deHart and administration immediately. 


Scott D. de Hart, Ph.D.