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Welcome to Dr. de Hart's high school webpage. The following pages are strictly dedicated to my work with parents, students, and colleagues in secondary education. Students and parents will find assignments, reviews, study guides, important dates, and links.  I've also included photographs from an educational overseas trip to Paris and London with students from Oak Hills High School. I have also included a link to some of the books that I have written.

While I am a firm believer in using technology in and out of the classroom, I am, after all, as an Oxford Univ. educated Ph.D. scholar,  a firm believer and old fashioned educational philosopher embracing the value of holding a book, research in libraries, critical thinking, and appreciating the learning of the great minds of the past. In a world overconfident in standardized testing and bubble tests, I believe there is a tremendous and immediate need to recover the past (aka, renaissance) and pass it along in a modern way. Welcome to my old-fashioned modern world of education. 

P.S. For an interesting analysis about technology, education, standardized tests, changes in Standards, etc., “Rotten to the Common Core” by Joseph P. Farrell and Gary Lawrence offers one (of many) positions worth pondering. (This is not an endorsement).


Scott D. de Hart, Ph.D.



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