THIS CLASS IS NOT BEING OFFERED at present. Watch for its return to the OHHS schedule in the years ahead.

A syllabus will be posted under the header FILES. As this is a new elective, materials will be added gradual in finding their way to the website, please be patient.

In short, this class will cover background in philosophical thought, key philosophers & their thought, extensive readings with responsive assignments (oral/written), and an overview of major world religions. Movie clips/movies, online videos, and online lectures will supplement the notes and readings, thus parents are expected to sign an approval document for students. Key readings will include Atlas Shrugged (Ayn Rand), Religious texts, Philosophical writings - ancient and modern, and many of these materials will require an openness to examine various world views in an academic frame of mind. As a college professor with a doctorate in this field I can assure the parents and students that the agenda is critical thinking and NOT to persaude towards or away from personal beliefs or world views in place already among the students. I do expect respectful disagreements and debates, emphasis on RESPECTFUL. This is a college level (A-G) elective and will have high expectations in the amount of work expected and the quality of work. Students looking for an easy elective should consider something OTHER than Philosophy!