English 4 AP

Please see the attached supplemental syllabus under the header FILES.

Everything about this class will be designed to teach the student to learn and apply critical thinking and analysis to classic literature. Most English AP students will have taken the English AP exam for college during their junior year, though the skills learned in this class will assist students taking the exam at the end of the senior year. The measure of success is in learning how to think, how to study, how to read at a college level, and write at a college level by the end of the school year. Please read ths supplemental syllabus carefully. 

Recommended textbook purchases:

1818 FIRST EDITION Franksentein or the Modern Prometheus (anonymous)

The Picture of Dorian Gray (Oscar Wilde)

Salomé, a One Act Play  (Oscar Wilde)

Gulliver’s Travels (Jonathan Swift)

Shelley Unbound (Scott D. deHart)

*NOTE* HUSD policy does not permit summer assignments. Recommendations for summer reading:

Alastor (poem) by Percy Shelley (available online)

Siddhartha (novel) by Hermann Hes.

Reflective questions:

What does these two works suggest regarding man’s pilgrimage, what it means to be a follower or to walk alone; the pursuit of enlightenment, and life/after life?

Students should contact Dr. de Hart in person with questions or needs for tutoring. I RARELY check email after school, on weekends, or vacations. Parents or students with questions during the summer, email me but be patient and allow for a delay in response please.