English 4 AP

Please see the attached syllabus with handouts under the header FILES.

Everything about this class will be designed to teach the student to learn and apply critical thinking and analysis to classic literature. The measure of success is in learning how to think, how to study, how to read at a college level, and write at a college level by the end of the school year. It is recommended that ALL AP students sign up BEFORE NOV. for the AP Lit. exam, it will benefit every student applying to college and “preference” for acceptance is higher among AP students who take the test than for students who do not. This class will be far more challenging AND rewarding than a dual enrollment VVC class; plan to learn and grow a lot this year. Please read the syllabus carefully. 

PLEASE continually check in with the school associated grading program (Infinite Campus) and Google Classroom where the majority of the assignments will be posted and graded in the first instance. Should the school year be moved to a modified or at home learning environment, it is CRITICAL that parents AND students realize that assignments must be turned in according to the instructions, ON TIME, and without plagiarism or excuses. Make up work is allowed 1 day after an excused absence. The Spring semester of 2020 proved as a learning curve; excellent students continued on with their work well done and on time while a sizable number of students fell behind, took lower grades, and risked not passing the class. In a changing world the rule of adaptation is critical for success and survival. It is expected that parents will participate equally in making sure that their children learn to be responsible rather than make excuses. NOTE: if a student is lacking a computer or internet access, it is your responsibility to contact the school Administration immediately in order to make sure your child(ren) have access at all times! Please notify Dr. deHart and administration immediately. 

Recommended textbook purchases:

1818 FIRST EDITION Franksentein or the Modern Prometheus (anonymous)

The Picture of Dorian Gray (Oscar Wilde)

Salomé, a One Act Play  (Oscar Wilde)

Gulliver’s Travels (Jonathan Swift)

Shelley Unbound (Scott D. deHart)


PERIOD 3  7elnnea

PERIOD 4  3m446lo

Students should contact Dr. de Hart in person with questions or needs for tutoring. ONLY if we move to non-traditional online classes will I check email after school, on weekends, or vacations. Parents or students with questions feel free to email me.