9th Grade English


Greetings parents of 2017-2018 Oak Hills Freshmen. This is an exciting time for your child and it will be a challenging one as well. Jr. High and Sr. High are completely different experiences and this new step will require a lot of parental oversight with homework, dates, study, and encouragement. Please take time EVERY evening to ask your son/daughter what they learned, what they are studying, when they have the next major assignment due, tests, quizzes, papers, AND how YOU can help them study or develop better study habits. If you have concerns please email me at scott.dehart@hesperiausd.org. 

EXPECTATIONS of behavior:

Respect for school property (classroom materials; school campus).

Respect for the teacher, teacher student assistant, administration.

Respect for peers - specifically in school appropriate language and attitudes. NO bullying will be permitted at any time. Any evidence of bullying will result in immediate consequences with the strongest effective recommendation for intervention and discipline as outlined by the school handbook and educational or criminal codes in the State of California. It will NOT be tolerated in my classroom.

Plagiarism - use of material taken from a source without proper citation  (i.e. internet, wikipedia, another student’s work, etc.) will result in immediate failure of the assignment, referral for discipline, and potential suspension or expulsion from the school if repeated. Plagiarism is academic theft and will NOT be tolerated. 


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First day of school: Aug. 14, 7:35 a.m.

WHAT TO EXPECT 1st Semester:

During the first semester we will focus on  Literary Analysis, philosophical thinking, relationships of history, culture, and critical thinking.

MONDAY - Etymology - Language & Academic Vocabulary Building

TUESDAY - Fact/Opinion/Propaganda (classwork - bring your computer)

TUES-THURS: READING and NOTES: Various short stories with comprehension and critical thinking skills emphasized.

FRIDAY - Quiz on Etymology

Instructions for weeky homework due Tues. at the start of class.